Detailed History

This history is courtesy of Mr. Richard Pipes, the Collection Development Librarian at the Ethel K. Smith Library at Wingate University. The information listed below has been collected from archived versions of Counterpoint.

For a general history of Counterpoint, please view this page.

  1. The magazine Counterpoint got its beginnings as Meanderings. It appears to have been published twice a year since the earliest copy in the archives is “Vol.II, no.2” and came out in the spring of 1965.  The faculty adviser was Miss Katherine Copeland.
  1. Miss Copeland was the faculty adviser from 1965 to 1967.
  1. With the 1968 or 1969 edition, the title was changed to “Counterpoint.” The library has one copy for one of those years, but it has no date and no adviser information. However, the 40th anniversary edition attributes the change in title to the effort of Dr. Sylvia Little-Sweat in 1969.
  1. The 1970 edition also has neither a volume number nor issue number, but it lists Sylvia Little and Thomas Teer as advisers.
  1. The 1971 edition, again with no volume or issue listed, was advised by Thomas Teer.
  1. The 1972 edition has no volume or issue number, but the advisers are Thomas Teer and Nancy Garrett.
  1. The 1973 edition is “Vol. IV,” and the advisers are Thomas Teer and Nancy Garrett.
  1. The 1974 edition is “Vol. V” and only adviser listed is Ms. Garrett.
  1. The 1975 edition has no number or issue, but Ms. Garrett is the adviser.
  1. From 1976 on, the volume numbers start with VIII and Ms. Garrett continues as adviser until 1978.
  1. From 1979 on, the volume numbers are consistent. The adviser changes from Garrett to Sylvia Little and Maurice Thomas.
  1. Sylvia Little and Maurice Thomas are the advisers until 2000, except for a few years where the adviser is either Little or Thomas, but not always both.
  1. In 2003, Dr. Taura Napier takes over as adviser and is currently still holding that position.

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